International Orders

Terms & Conditions

By placing an order on this website you agree with the terms & conditions described below. Placing the order equals a binding agreement as soon as you see the confirmation on your screen.


We ship all orders with Swedish Post or DHL**
- Export to EU countries:
- When the total amount of your order is over 150 €, you don’t have to pay any freight*.
- When you order for less than 150 €, the amount you have to pay for the freight will be 15 €*.
- European orders outside of the EU:
Export to non-EU countries inside Europe = You don’t need to pay sales taxes VAT (you pay 80% of the shown prices in €). We will refund the VAT minus actual freight back to the used credit card or your bank account after your order has been dispatched. It’s your responsibility to take care of any duty’s that may need to be paid to customs in your country. Mail to  if you have any questions.

- International orders outside of Europe:
• Export outside of Europe = Please use our “International Orders” part of the site to change to USD without sales taxes (VAT). You don’t need to pay VAT and Worldwide freight is 38 USD. It’s your responsibility to take care of any duty’s that may need to be paid to customs in your country. Mail to  if you have any questions.

Your order will always be shipped as soon as possible, normally within 24 hours (on working days).
When you choose to pay in advance we will wait with the shipment of your order until your payment is registered at our bank. After that we will send out your order the same day (on working days).
We have all the items that you see and can order in our webshop on stock. When a product is temporarely out of stock, you can choose to put this product under “product watch”. As soon as we have this product in stock again, you will automatically receive an email.

* Note that for the shipping of kayaks and canoes we calculate the actual freight costs. In that case please contact us before ordering.
** On delivery: Always check items before signing for them!

Payment methods

At Route62 you can choose between 3 payment methods.
Pay with your VISA or Mastercard.
All transaction are sent through SSL (https//: Secure Sockets Layer) en are coded, which means that this is a safe way of paying. We use the latest safety-competences for payment with card through 3D-Secure technology that has been developed by VISA and Mastercard, and aims to identify cardholders for online payments. Route62 is already PCI (Payment Card Industry) approved. For receiving our payments we use DIBS. Click here for more information about DIBS.
Pay with your Credit Card using PayPal. No PayPal account is needed.

Paying in advance:
Paying by invoice before the delivery.
After you approved your order, you will receive an invoice by email. You can pay this invoice at your (internet)bank. If you pay immediately, your order won’t be delayed. We will wait with the delivery of your order until your payment is registered at our bank (normal within 1-2 days).
When you chose to pay in advance and we have not received your payment within 5 days after ordering date, you will get an invoice for administrative costs (15 euro plus 20% interest).

Non collected deliveries:

Not collecting a delivery is not the same as using your right to return a product. For that right you will need to take delivery, contact us and receive a return form, address and return number.
Deliveries which are not collected will be charged with an invoice for freight- and other costs, minimum 35 euro/38 USD (plus 10% interest).

Customer service

To put in a claim (damage or guarantee) on a product, we ask you to send an email to .
We will send you an email back with a claim form, a return number and the address where you can send the product.
Receiving a return number does not automatically mean that your claim is approved.
We should have received the goods within 14 days after we sent you the return number.
You have to pay the freight costs yourself. On an approved claim you will receive the repaired/new article free of charge. If we need to refund the purchase amount we will pay it into the bank account number you gave us on the claim form you filled out.
The invoice/pick note, the return form and the return number have to be sent together with the goods.
Are the freightcosts unpaid or is the delivery not complete, we will not attend to the claim.
Goods need to be complete and washed when send in for a claim.
When you want to exchange a product or want to return it, we ask you tot send an email to .

We will send you an email with a return form, a return number and the address where you can send the product.
If a return is send to the wrong address and we need to collect it we will charge you 45 euro for it.
We offer you 14 days exchange right (from the day we sent it out to you) on goods you bought at Route62.
Note that the goods should be unused, all price- and product tags should still be on the product, and sent back to us in the original packaging.
With exchange or return you have to pay all the freight costs yourselve.
The invoice/picknote, the return form and the return number should be sent together with the product you want to exchange/return. We should have received the goods within 14 days after we have emailed you the return for and number.
If the freightcosts are unpaid or the delivery is not complete, we will not attend to the shipment.
When you want to exchange a product we will send you the product you wrote on the exchange/return form and you will need to pay the additional freight costs we will have to make.
When you want to return a product and would like a refund, we will deposit your money back onto your credit card account or on the bank account you wrote on the exchange/return form minus the original freight- and payment costs we made.
Special ordered products, underwear, food or knives with special engraving can not be changed or returned.
We use the same guarantees as our suppliers offer. In most cases this will be two years from the ordering date.
Personal information:
Route62 does nog give any personal information to third parties. All the personal information you give us by email, telephone or through our website, will be treated with extreme confidentiality.
We follow the valid laws and rules as legally required by Swedish law.
Your information is only to be used by us or by the partners we work together with to be able to accomplish the purchase (DIBS payment service and the bank).
According the Swedish “Personal Information Law” you have the right to look into the information we have registered on you. Is this information not correct, not complete or irrelevant, you can demand that this information is to be adjusted or to be removed. In that case please contact us.

  • To order at Route62 you have to at least 18 years old.
  • Exchange- or return policies do not apply for special ordered articles, underwear and food or knifes with engraving.
  • We reserve the right for sold-out articles.
  • We reserve the right to change prices (due to, for instance, exchange rates) without notification in advance.
  • The 14 day return policy does not apply to company orders.
  • Colour variation can appear because of the individual settings on different screens.
  • We reserve the right to refuse delivery and end customer contact without notification.
  • We reserve for possible mistakes in the text trough out this website.
  • Reservation costs for reserved goods not bought or returned to late: 3% / week.
  • We will report all “false” orders and attempts of fraud.
  • Always check the shipment before signing for it. If there is any damage report it directly to the delivery courier and to Route62. Take some digital pictures of the damage!
  • Costs for returning/exchanging products to Sweden are always for the customer.
  • Products from Wilma's will not be shipped to Swedish addresses.

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