International Orders


Envirofit is the world leader in design, manufacture and distribution of clean efficient cookstoves worldwide. Envirofit has a wealth of experience in product design, an established supply base for high quality low cost product and a dedicated supply chain team that can deliver product anywhere in the word. Envirofit’s model has brought a new approach to building and distributing stoves by providing products that:

  • Meet consumer needs (cultural and performance) – Voice of Customer (VOC)
  • Reduce harmful emissions
  • Require less fuel
  • Are manufactured at high volume with highly repeatable quality
  • Are longer-lasting and durable
  • Are easy to use, clean, and maintain

Envirofit has initially focused its product line on the largest market segments providing products that meet local cooking and fuel use needs while still providing substantial performance improvements. Envirofit initially used existing market research to define market needs and design features. Now with a significant number of products in the field, Envirofit is using multiple market feedback techniques including market surveys, customer focus groups, and dealer and distributor response to systematically identify market needs, refine existing products, and design new products and accessories in line with customer needs. These feedback loops are crucial to ensure that Envirofit products meet market desires as well as technical requirements for performance, emissions and durability.

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